St. Justin & St. Michael Parishes
S A C R I F I C I A L  G I V I N G





Automatic online giving available now!

Saint Justin-Saint Michael Parish is offering this convenient option for regular or one-time gifts to the parish.  Click below to link to our secure website partner and register!


To register for Online Giving please click here.


Offertory envelopes always available

Financial contributions may still be offered at Mass, using envelopes provided by each parish.  If you wish to register as a parishioner and receive envelopes please call the office.  Parishioners using automatic giving will still receive envelopes in the mail and may continue to use them, if they wish.

Remember Us in Your Will

Our future depends on you!  Please remember Saint Justin- Saint Michael parish when creating your will.  Your good works will continue after you have gone home! 


Automatic Church Giving for Saint Justin-Saint Michael Parish

What is it?  It’s an optional, new way for parishioners to make regular or one-time offerings to the parish automatically from your bank account or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).  It’s very similar to making charitable donations or paying bills on-line.

Why are we doing this?  For you – Convenience, no need to write checks, better align giving with your income, allows you to give when unable to attend Mass, keeps a record of giving for taxes.  For the parish - Improves regular giving, provides better forecasting of revenues, more accurate, saves parish staff time, improves financial security by reducing the amount of cash and sensitive data at the Church.

How do I set it up?  Visit the secure website, operated by our collection envelope vendor, and follow the instructions to set up an account.  You will need your bank account or credit card information handy to complete this process.  You also need an e-mail account for registration.

Is it safe and secure?  Yes.  The website uses the same encryption and security features used by websites you use for on-line shopping and bill-paying.  Your account information is secure.

Does it cost me anything?  No fee is charged to you.  However, the parishes do pay our vendor a small fee for each transaction, which should be offset by more regular giving by parishioners.

I see that I have the option of giving weekly, biweekly or monthly - which should I choose?  We recommend biweekly or monthly.  The parishes pay a processing fee for each donation, so it’s helpful to make fewer payments during the year.  You can even pick the dates that gifts are made.

Should I give from my bank account or my credit card?  It’s up to you, but we recommend your bank account – it costs less for the parishes per transaction.  Also, we discourage regular giving via credit, which may increase the debt of our parishioners.

Do I need to use the Internet to set this up?

Yes, and a working e-mail account.  If you lack Internet access or need other assistance in applying, the Church staff can assist you - simply call the rectory.

Will I use envelopes anymore?  Envelopes will continue to be mailed to you, but you don’t have to use them.  The new phrase “I’ve Given Online” will appear with a checkbox on envelopes, to allow you to use the envelope at Mass, in recognition of your automatic gift.

Do I have to do this?  No, simply continuing using your envelopes.

Can I make changes once I’ve signed up?  Yes, just log into your account at the website to make the change, which takes effect in about one business day.

How does the Parish know I have given?  Each parish receives a regular report from Our Sunday Visitor, and the information is logged into our master financial system.

Do other churches do this?  Yes.  This is a growing approach to giving, and we’re among the first parishes in Connecticut to offer automatic giving.


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