A faith encounter

June 27, 2021

Today’s gospel paints a vivid picture of a woman whose faith earned her the attention of Jesus. That and the story about the healing of Jarius’ daughter represent two incredible demonstrations of the power of faith. Every detail in the account of the woman afflicted with hemorrhages was deserving of mention. She had been in that bondage for twelve years, she had been to several physicians, she had spent all she had in the process, and yet her situation had gone from bad to worse. It was nothing short of a worst-case scenario, completely desperate. When she saw that life changing moment, she told herself that it was then or never, she believed that He alone can do what no doctor had been able to do, and she was made well. It is interesting that lots of people had physical contact with Jesus but none was as significant. Her’s was a touch of faith. Although the story about Jarius may not sound as dramatic as that about the woman, it was no less significant as a faith encounter. He too saw in Jesus what even perhaps His disciples could not see. The phenomenal demonstrations of faith by these two outstanding individuals were accompanied by unparalleled graciousness on the part of Jesus who never turns away from His people. There are at least two principal lessons that we can learn from these beautiful episodes, namely: that the hopes of the just in Him can never be in vain. In our darkest moments God’s help is always near if we can reach out in trust. The stories also show how effortlessly God places his grace at the disposal of His children. Grace was also a key concept in today’s second reading from the second letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians: He enjoins the Community at Corinth, while they excel in faith, discourse, and knowledge, to also excel in the kind of grace evident in the life of Jesus. He became poor that we might become rich, He died so that we might live, He gave His all that He might save all, and He spared no effort that would benefit any one, as we saw in the two miraculous healing stories. We are called to be Christ like, loving as He does, giving as He gives, and living as He lived. May God grant us the grace to be true representatives and ambassadors of His infinite grace and mercies, Amen.

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