He is risen

April 4, 2021

While Mary Magdalene was still groping in the darkness of hopelessness, shattered by the crucifixion of Jesus, she decided to go to his tomb to anoint Him. Her expectation was minimal. Finding Jesus’ lifeless body would have been just enough. But to her utter dismay, she found an empty tomb. He did not belong in the grave, He is risen! She returned to report the good news to the disciples. They went, they saw and they believed. Hope never disappoints! That is the message of Easter. Think of a really dark moment. One that presents with the enchantment to despair. It was preceded by heart breaking disappointments, assaults and insults, betrayals and denials. That was the passion of Jesus. Yet, the dark night of the crucifixion is overcome by the bright morning of the resurrection. The first reading talks about the extra-ordinary courage with which the apostles preached the gospel after His resurrection. It all began to make sense to them, who had been previously hopeless, and they were ready to live for Him who died for them. For over a year now we have been battling this deadly pandemic, worrying about the safety of our families, our children and our jobs. Through it all the bright light of hope has remained undimmed. While we may still be waiting for life to return to what it used to be, we must take delight in the fact that we have made significant progress. We are beginning to gather again to pray as one family. That gives us reasons to be thankful and to continue to hope. In the midst of all of our worries and anxieties, the resurrection of Jesus gives us hope. Because He overcame, we will overcome. Because He is victorious we will be victorious. Because He lives we will live. May the joys of this holy season fill our hearts with faith, hope and love, for: Our hope in Him will never disappoint us. Amen.  

Happy Easter to you all my parish family of SJSM!

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