Prepare a way for the Lord

December 6, 2020

Once again, we hear the voice crying in the wilderness “Prepare a way for the Lord.” This invitation, which is present both in the first reading and the gospel, is one that signals the season of Advent. In it, Isaiah announces the glad tidings concerning a God who comes to comfort, to liberate and to save His people. He comes with power, with reward and recompense for those who await in righteousness. Saint Paul reminds us, in the second reading, that the patience of God must not be taken for granted. Rather, it is an opportunity granted to us so that we can repent and live in holiness and devotion. The central message of John The Baptist in today’s gospel is one of repentance and of turning from old ways to a new life of righteousness. To make straight His path means to remove every obstacle that stands in God’s way as He seeks a relationship with us. He wants to inhabit our hearts. To make ready our hearts for this heavenly guest means to wash ourselves clean from all iniquities, free from envy and jealousy, from greed and pride, from anger, resentment, and malice, from unforgiveness and mean spiritedness. God makes His home in a pure and loving heart. During this season as always, the doors of our church are open to those who seek to reconcile with God through the sacrament of reconciliation. It would be wonderful if we could take advantage of such great opportunities. To those hearts who earnestly seek Him, the Psalmist reminds us that God provides many benefits. He causes their hearts to experience peace, makes their land yield abundant harvest, and let’s His glory dwell with them. We pray that God may grant us the humility to open the doors of our hearts in order that we may experience the fullness of joy which this season provides, Amen.

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