August 9, 2020

In the two readings for this week, we see the crippling power of fear. Elijah, the  all-powerful Old Testament prophet, runs for his life having been threatened by Jezebel; after he defeated the prophets of Baal. As he hid himself in a cave, God came to him in the form of a tiny whispering sound. The disciples were in a boat that was being tossed about by the wave. They had been overwhelmed by fear of being drowned. It was in that moment of desperate need that Jesus appeared on the scene to save them. Both readings show that no mortal can escape the reach of the Almighty; and that those who call upon Him in faith will never be disappointed. Over the past few months, we all have experienced the tossing of the waves of life in many different shapes and forms. With the current pandemic at the top of the scale, we have experienced the rising waves of anxiety and of fear. We have experienced the waves of threats to our health and threats to our jobs. We have known the waves of depleting finances, worry for the wellbeing of our loves ones and worry for the future that has become increasingly uncertain. In the midst of all of these may we always keep in mind that He walks with us through our storms, He never abandons us. Today’s Psalm us invites to listen and hear what the Lord has to say, for His voice speaks of peace; His salvation is close to those who fear Him and come what may His glory will dwell in our land. Through the readings of today, His voice assures us as He did to His disciples: Take courage and do not be afraid; for I am with you, Amen.

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