The eucharist

June 6, 2021

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi reminds us of the gift of His Sacred body and blood. Jesus gives us His body as a meal of everlasting life. In celebrating this solemnity we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice of His life on the cross for the cleansing of our sins. We celebrate the enactment of a new covenant, not in the blood of goats and calves, as we are reminded in today’s second reading from the letter to the Hebrews, but one in His blood. Moses presided over a covenant, the old one, which marked the beginning of a new relationship between the people and God, yet incapable of expiating the sins of all. In the Last Supper with His disciples Jesus establishes this new covenant in His own blood, commanding His disciples to continue it in memory of Him. That sacred moment in which the Eucharist was instituted is what we celebrate today. In this celebration, we honor Him whose body was broken and whose side was pierced with a lance for our sakes. But we also celebrate it as a reminder that we are called to be that bread broken for others. That is what is meant by Jesus’ invitation to ‘Do this in memory of me.’ This solemnity memorializes His passion, death and resurrection, inviting us to become imitators of Christ. As imitators, we are called to a life of forgiveness, compassion and humility. We are called to self-sacrifice and to love, in the manner of Christ. When we received the Eucharist, we are each called to become mobile tabernacles and sanctuaries of holiness who, through their words and deeds, spread the goodness of God. We are proud that 3 are making their First Holy Communion today. On behalf of all of our parish, I would like to congratulate: Trey Bembry, Lucas Bembry, and Aniyah Bembry. May I also congratulate the families and teachers of religious education who have accompanied them on this journey of faith. We pray that Jesus the bread of life may continue to nourish them unto everlasting life. For the rest of our community, we also pray that our lives may be transformed by the Eucharist which we receive, enabling us to spread His goodness wherever we may be. Amen.

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