The leper who came to jesus

February 14, 2021

In the time of Jesus, leprosy was one of the worst imaginable diseases as it was in the Old Testament. The Levitical prescription as we see in today’s first reading clearly spells out the kinds of treatment that lepers were victims of and the humiliation that they suffered. There are documented evidences of medieval rituals whereby priests performed funeral rites for people who were afflicted with the disease of leprosy. In other words they were seen as good as dead. The leper who came to Jesus had courage, he had faith and he came away full of gratitude. As a leper he was not expected to be seen in public places let alone have close contact with people as he did with Jesus. Perhaps because he saw Jesus as the only way out of his nightmare, he went to Him. His statement to Jesus was so full of confidence, and perhaps faith, that Jesus had the power to heal him: “if you wish you can make me clean.” So, for him it was just a matter of whether Jesus wanted him to be well or not. It was such a huge acknowledgement of the power of Jesus at a time when He faced lots of hostilities from the authorities and His own kinsmen who would not acknowledge Him as the Messiah. In total humility and trust, this man turns to Jesus in a time of trouble, a real dark moment of his life, and he was filled with joy. One of the undeniable characteristics of Jesus’ ministry and miracles is His power to transform who so ever comes to Him in faith. I am not sure where you are at or what you are dealing with right this moment. Perhaps you are dealing with a devastating medical diagnosis, or job loss, or loss of a meaningful relationship. Perhaps you feel lonely and abandoned, hopeless and depressed. You can still turn your life around by trusting in His unfailing grace. I hope that you can be inspired by this amazing demonstration of faith shown by the leper in today’s gospel. God does indeed heal the broken hearted as we read in last week’s reading. Yet, if you are open to God’s power to mend your brokenness, you must start by bringing Him the little pieces, all of you, heart, body and soul and to trust him to do what He does best. I pray that you are surprised by divine generosity in a way that causes your heart to rejoice and fills you with gratitude. To His name be all the glory forever and ever, Amen.

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