The mission of our lives

January 24, 2021

Time is one of the most valuable gifts that God has given us and yet one of the most easily squandered of all gifts. Often we have the time to do all sorts of things except those things that really matter. In today’s second reading, Saint Paul calls our attention to the fleeting nature of time, which is, that time runs out. Time sure does run out. The people of Niniveh faced the impending tragedy of time running out on them and they ceased a divine moment of grace to reverse the course of events. When they repented, in sackcloth and ashes, the old and young, God repented of the evil he had threatened to do to them. The foremost disciples of Jesus, Simon and Andrew, James and John, experienced a divine and rare moment. While they were engaged in their daily tasks, as diligent fishermen, they saw an opportunity of a lifetime and without wasting time they capitalized on it and they followed Jesus. They probably knew that such an opportunity, if squandered, would never be regained. They acted wisely. Like these disciples and like Jonah, God is calling us to engage the mission of our lives, to get our hands dirty doing our life’s work. We cannot wait till the last minute or continue to postpone, for time runs out. The only time that is guaranteed is right now, this minute, the next second is not. Act now! What have you been leaving for the last minute? Kindness to a neighbor in need, peace with your family, your child, your siblings, a friend or a co-worker, offering forgiveness to someone who has hurt you in the same way that God forgives us all our trespasses, making peace with God. Why postpone these? Every day is a new opportunity, new graces, privileges and second chances to right our wrongs. Do not forget that a series of second chances do not last forever. Act now while you still have time. May God grant us the courage to cease the gracious opportunities that He offers us each day to work for the price, which is, eternal life with Him in heaven, Amen.

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